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Chapter 3: Geologic Structure and Landforms

3.62: The Arrow Hills North of Oak Lake

The Arrow Hills are a north-northwest/south-southeast trending range of hills. In this area the hills consist of a single sharp-crested ridge 1, but further north (off the photo) the ridge splits into a complex of less clearly defined ridges and depressions. At this location the ridge stands 125 feet (38 m) above the surrounding countryside and has been interpreted as a crevasse filling dropped onto the underlying topography as ice began to disintegrate. It is composed of permeable sands and gravels that present too dry an environment for tree growth. Consequently it is covered by grasses—light-toned 2—with clumps of trees—dark-toned 3—in slightly wetter depressions or “draws” on the ridge side. Some of the bluffs of trees contain lighter-toned trees 4 that are probably aspen (Populus tremuloides) whose leaves turn to yellow in the fall. The direction of a small stream 5 is controlled by the ridge that it follows southeastward before entering the Assiniboine (off the photo to the south). To east and west of the ridge is typical ground moraine topography with depressions occupied by sloughs 6, many of which have dried up 7.

Off the ridge and outside the stream valley, much of the land has been cleared for arable agriculture. Grain crops have been grown and harvested and following the practice of the times, straw piles 8 have been deposited in several fields. In one case a farmer has been cultivating a field 9 in preparation for next year’s crop. Eight farms 10 can be seen, several with typical shelterbelts located to north and west. The section lines of the DLS system are clearly visible with gravel roads following some of them. PR 254 18 between Oak Lake and Lenore is the main transport route in the area. A small building west of PR 254 is identified as a small church 19 on the basis of its pointed shadow.

Figure 3.62: The Arrow Hills North of Oak Lake

Figure 3.62: The Arrow Hills North of Oak Lake

Figure 3.62

Vertical air photograph: A16429-47

Flight height: 10,500 feet a.s.l.; lens focal length: 152.63 mm

Date: October 29, 1958

Scale: 1:17,100 (approx.)

Location: Township 10; Range 24 WI

Map sheets: 1:250,000 62F Virden

1:50,000 62F/15 Virden