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Chapter 3: Geologic Structure and Landforms

3.35: Deltas in Swan Lake

Swan River 1 and Woody River 2 drain the land between the Porcupine Hills 3 and Duck Mountain, off the image to the south. Both have deposited sediment into the west side of Swan Lake 4 to create deltas. That deposited by Woody River and Birch River—too small to be visible on this high-level image—is simple in form with just one main projection 5. The delta of Swan River and its distributary Rat Creek 6 is more complex, resembling the classic bird’s foot type of delta 7. Within the deltaic area are a number of small lakes, the most obvious of which is Plum Lake 8. East of Swan Lake is Pelican Lake 9. The two large lakes—Swan Lake and Pelican Lake—are very different in colour; Swan Lake, with a high suspended sediment concentration, is milky blue, whereas Pelican Lake, sediment free, is dark blue. The latter receives only small tributaries from relatively flat land, whereas Swan Lake receives Woody River and Swan River whose tributaries flow from the Porcupine Hills and Duck Mountain

Figure 3.35: Deltas in Swan Lake

Figure 3.35: Deltas in Swan Lake

Figure 3.35

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Scale: 1:361,000 (approx.)

Date: Taken from Internet August 2006

Location: North end of Swan River Delta: 52º 30' N; 100º 45' W

Map sheets: 1:250,000 63C Swan Lake