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Chapter 3: Geologic Structure and Landforms

3.19: Soil Erosion on End Moraine Near Bruxelles

This area lies within the end moraine-covered Pembina Hills. The small Cypress River 1 flows from east to west in a mainly wooded valley 2. Most of the area has been cleared for agriculture although a few clumps of deciduous woodland have been left 3.

The agricultural land has been subjected to rain splash erosion producing the typical mottled appearance of bald crests and darker hollows 4. Numerous gullies radiate from an elevated area in the south 5, and severe soil erosion is evident at other locations 6.

The area is divided according to the squared DLS system, although the sections are not completely regular in shape perhaps due to errors in the original survey. Roads follow section lines 7, and some quarter sections can be identified on the basis of land use variations 8. PTH 34 9 traverses the area from north to south. The Cypress River has been straightened to improve drainage at the road crossing 10.

Ten farms are located in this area of about six square miles. Several of them show the standard arrangement of farm buildings surrounded by trees planted for shelter 11. Very dark fields have been left fallow 12. Crops at various stages of development cover lighter-toned fields 13. Cereal crops near harvesting stage probably cover very light-toned fields 14.

Figure 3.19: Soil Erosion on End Moraine Near Bruxelles

Figure 3.19: Soil Erosion on End Moraine Near Bruxelles

Figure 3.19

Vertical air photograph: A16185-153

Flight height: 10,500 feet a.s.l.; lens focal length: 152.63 mm

Date: July 22, 1958

Scale: 1:17,600 (approx.)

Location: Township 6, Ranges 10 and 11 WI

Map sheets: 1:250,000 62G Brandon

1:50,000 62G/7 Somerset