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Chapter 2: Location, Borders, and Lakes

2.11: The Manitoba/Saskatchewan Border in Townships 2 and 3

The provincial border follows the range line between ranges 29 and 30 WI 1. The correction line at the northern edge of township 2 2 can be seen, and as the area is far to the west of the principal meridian, the correction is almost a section and a half (a mile and a half or 2.4 km) in length.

Natural vegetation has been almost completely removed for agriculture. Two small agricultural communities exist: Pierson in Manitoba 3 and Gainsborough in Saskatchewan 4. In the latter, roads run north/south and east/west in harmony with the DLS system, whereas in Pierson roads are parallel, and at right angles, to the CPR line 5 that enters the settlement from the northeast and then runs parallel to the township line and PTH 3 in Manitoba 6 (highway 18 in Saskatchewan). Sewage lagoons at 7 and 8 are located just outside each community.

Doughnut-shaped mounds 9 left by melting stagnant ice cover the area. Although they are very clear from the air—even on this small-scale photograph—no more than 2 metres height difference exists between the raised rim and the bowl. Rain splash erosion has removed dark-coloured, small-sized fragments from higher areas resulting in a light-toned rim surrounding a dark-toned basin.

In the west, Gainsborough Creek 10 loops around Gainsborough and then drains southeast to the Souris River (off the photo). A reflection of the semi-aridity of this area is the existence of field shelterbelts southeast of Pierson 11. These belts of trees are a PFRA (Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration) response to the severe wind erosion that occurred across the southern prairies in the 1930s.

Figure 2.11: The Manitoba/Saskatchewan Border in Townships 2 and 3

Figure 2.11: The Manitoba/Saskatchewan Border in Townships 2 and 3

Figure 2.11

Vertical air photographs: A21749-66

Flight height: 25,800 feet a.s.l.; lens focal length 88.29 mm

Date: July 27, 1970

Location: Townships 2 and 3, Ranges 29 and 30W1

Scale: 1:82,300 (approx.)

Map sheets: 1:250,000 62F Virden

1:50,000 62F/3 Gainsborough