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Chapter 18: Transport and Communications: Past and Present

18.58: Landing Strip at Ilford

Ilford 1 is a small community on the Hudson Bay Railway Line that can be seen angling across the southern part of this area 2. It is the location of War Lake First Nation that can be seen north of the line 3. The airstrip in the southwest 4 trending east/west is about 0.8 miles (0.9 km) long. It has two small terminal buildings 5 located to the north and is connected to the community by a road 6. In the northeast is a clearing followed by a hydro line 7 that runs southwest from Kettle Generating Station on the Nelson River off the photo to the northeast. One function of the landing strip is probably to supply maintenance materials for the power line.

The lake in the west is Moose Nose Lake 8 that drains northeast to the Nelson River. Sewage lagoons can be seen north of the settlement 9. The light-toned linear area to the west 10 may be the route of a buried pipeline to the lake.

Figure 18.58: Landing Strip at Ilford

Figure 18.58: Landing Strip at Ilford

Figure 18.58

Vertical air photograph: MH867067409-113

Flight height 10,000 feet a.s.l.; lens focal length: 152.031 mm

Scale: 1:20,000 (approx.)

Date: October 3, 1982

Location: Township 81; Range 12E

Map sheets: 1:250,000 54D Kettle Rapids

                    1:50,000 54D/4 Ilford