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Chapter 18: Transport and Communications: Past and Present

18.57: Landing Strip at Shamattawa

Shamattawa First Nation on Gods River 1 in the extreme northeast of Manitoba is one of the most isolated communities in Manitoba. It can be reached by a winter road running east from PR 280 near Gillam and by air. Shown here is the west-flowing Gods River in the south with the north/south trending landing strip 2 (at least 0.8 miles—1.3 km long) to the north. Terminal buildings 3 are located west of the runway with the main body of the community further west. The community has a central area of large buildings 4 that probably include a band council building, a school, and a church. Within this area is an outdoor hockey rink 5 with condominium-like buildings 6 to the west. Individual houses are located along three straight streets 7 as well as close to the river 8. Very obvious on the photo is a seemingly haphazard system of paths 9. The large dark-toned square areas 10 in the west are sewage lagoons. Despite an abundance of surface water, provision of a reliable adequate water supply and of an efficient sewage treatment system has been a problem for many northern communities.

Figure 18.57: Landing Strip at Shamattawa

Figure 18.57: Landing Strip at Shamattawa

Figure 18.57

Vertical air photograph: MH92999401-61 L-2

Flight height:    lens focal length: 153.79 mm

Scale: 1:10,000 (approx.)

Date: July 6, 1992

Location of strip: 55º 52'N, 92º 04'W

Map sheets: 1:250,000 53 N Gods River

                    1:50,000 53N/16 Shamattawa