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Chapter 18: Transport and Communications: Past and Present

18.46: Airfield at Carberry

The airfield 1 at Carberry 2 (abandoned in 1960) was located about a mile (1.6 km) south of the town. As at Hartney there are three runway directions, but in this case the east/west runway 3 is in the north (the reverse of the situation at Hartney). Also in this case there are two runways in each direction, ranging in length from 0.5 to 0.6 miles (0.8-0.95 km) long. Various airport-related buildings are seen in the southwest 4. This area is now occupied by McCain Foods Ltd that employs about 500 people (mostly local) and ships millions of tons of potato products all over the world. Potatoes are grown—mostly under irrigation--on the Assiniboine Delta.

Note also the east/west CP line 5 that runs south of Carberry with trucks on a siding 6 and the north/south CN line 7 with a spur leading to the airfield 8.

Figure 18.46: Airfield at Carberry

Figure 18.46: Airfield at Carberry

Figure 18.46

Vertical air photograph

Flight height: 11,225 feet a.s.l.; lens focal length: 152.13 mm

Scale: 1:20,400 (approx.)

Date: August 23, 1965

Location: Township 10; Range 14WI

Map sheets: 1:250,000 62G Brandon

                    1:50,000 62G/14 Carberry