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Chapter 18: Transport and Communications: Past and Present

18.44: Gas Pipeline Near Miniota

This high-level, small-scale air photo shows a westward extension 1 of the pipeline route shown in figure 18.43. It crosses the Assiniboine Spillway 2 north of Miniota 3 and is visible as a light-toned streak in the west 4. In the east where it runs close to a railway line 5 and a gravel road 6, its location is not so obvious. However, using a magnifying lens on the original photo, one can locate it between the CN line and an east/west gravel road where it shows up as a very light-toned streak 7.

Note also:

1)  The CP railway line 8 in the southwest;

2)  An east/west railway line 9 that leads west to Miniota cutting through the middle of sections;

3)  The north/south PTH 83 10 that runs mainly along the range line between ranges 26 and 27WI except where it angles down the south side of the Assiniboine Spillway 11; and

4)  East/west PTH 24 12 joining PTH 83 just south of Miniota.

Figure 18.44: Gas Pipeline Near Miniota

Figure 18.44: Gas Pipeline Near Miniota

Figure 18.44

Vertical air photograph: A21748-109

Flight height: 23,700 feet a.s.l.; lens focal length: 88.611 mm

Scale: 1:81,200 (approx.)

Date: July 27, 1970

Location: Townships 13 and 14; Ranges 26 and 27W1

Map sheets: 1:250,000 62K Riding Mountain

                    1:50,000 62K/3 Miniota