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Chapter 18: Transport and Communications: Past and Present

18.38: Power Line Near Deleau

Usually the interpreter has to rely on locating a linear clearing in trees in order to determine the direction followed by a power line. This is the case in the northwest 1 and northeast 2 of this area where the route cuts through deciduous woodland. However, by carefully inspecting the area between the woodland areas 3, it is possible to identify not only the poles carrying the lines (from their shadows) 4 but also to see three light-toned strands 5 which are the actual lines.

South of the power line is the CP railway line 6 with sidings 7 at Deleau 8. East of the settlement is a shelterbelt protecting a provincial campsite 9. This is the first photo of a contract, the details of which are given in the bottom right corner 10.

Figure 18.38: Power Line Near Deleau

Figure 18.38: Power Line Near Deleau

Figure 18.38

Vertical air photograph: A20288-1

Flight height: 9,330 feet; lens focal length: 152.17 mm

Scale: 1:15,300 (approx.)

Date: October 30, 1967

Location: Township 7; Range 23WI

Map sheets: 1:250,000 62F Virden

                    1:50,000 62F/10 Pipestone