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Chapter 18: Transport and Communications: Past and Present

18.15: Transport Routes West of Brandon

This photo illustrates the abundance of route ways (some abandoned) west of Brandon—just off the photo to the east. The eastward-flowing Assiniboine River 1 is no longer used as a transport route, but for a short period in the late 19th century, before the railway era, it was a route followed by paddle steamers. Steamers carried passengers and goods from Winnipeg to Brandon and as far upstream as Fort Ellice.[i] The Little Saskatchewan River 2 which joins the Assiniboine from the north was never used for passenger transport, but logs were floated down it from the area now occupied by Riding Mountain National Park to the north, then along the Assiniboine to be assembled in the Snye (a branch of the river that is now blocked off) in Brandon, and then processed at a sawmill on the north bank of the river.

The CP railway line 3 runs east/west across the centre with another line roughly parallel to it 4. The two join just east of Kemnay 5 and then a line branches off to the southwest 6. In the south is the CN line 7 that is crossed by a long abandoned line 8—almost obliterated in places 9—leading southward.

As for roads, the most obvious one is the Trans-Canada Highway 10 that runs southwest across the Assiniboine Spillway. It is joined west of Kemnay by Highway 1A 11, leading out from Brandon. The pre-existing railway line necessitates a slight bend in the road 12; PR 459 13 runs along the base of the north bank of the Assiniboine spillway, just above flood level. Grand Valley Provincial Recreational Park 14 is located near the junction of PR 459 with the Trans-Canada Highway.

Figure 18.15: Transport Routes West of Brandon

Figure 18.15: Transport Routes West of Brandon

Figure 18.15

Vertical air photograph: A20470-67

Flight height: 21,590 feet a.s.l.; lens focal length: 152.73 mm

Scale: 1:40,900 (approx.)

Date: May 21, 1968

Location: Township 10; Ranges 19W1 and 20W1

Map sheets: 1:250,000 62F Virden

                    1:50,000 62F/16 Alexander


[i] Tyman, J. L. By Section, Township, and Range (Second Printing). Brandon: Brandon University. 1995, 32.