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Chapter 17: Parks, Recreation, Sports

17.16: Golf Course at Steinbach

The golf course at Steinbach is located north of the main built-up area beside a small drainage channel, Manning Canal, 1 that drains northwest to the Seine River diversion. In several cases the fairways 2 leading to the greens 3 are easily identified as are light-coloured bunkers 4. A building near the centre 5 with cars parked beside it 6 may be the clubhouse. In close proximity are five baseball diamonds 7 with large rectangular parking lots nearby 8.

In addition to the recreational facilities, there are other aspects also worth noting:

1)  PTH 12, a divided highway 9 that leads north to Ste. Anne with numerous vehicles on it 10, is located in the west.

2)  east of the highway are three large buildings 11 and several smaller ones 12 with ample parking beside them, a shopping plaza.

3)  a northwest/southeast trending landing strip in the north 13; this is part of Steinbach Municipal Airport. Shadows are falling west of north 14 indicating the photo was taken before noon.


Figure 17.16: Golf Course at Steinbach

Figure 17.16: Golf Course at Steinbach

Figure 17.16

Vertical air photograph by Prairie Agri Photo

Date: 2000

Scale: 1:5,300 (approx.)

Location: Township 7; Range 6 E

Map sheets: 1:250,000 62H Winnipeg

                    1:50,000 62H/10 Ste. Anne