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Chapter 16: Water Resources

16.7: Minnedosa Lake, Empty

This old photograph together with figure 16.6 demonstrates the usefulness of sequential photographs. On this photo the dam 1 can be seen with a gap at its eastern end 2 through which water has rushed. The break occurred in 1948, resulting in some flooding of Minnedosa, downstream. North of the dam previously flooded land is now dry 3 with the exception of the reoccupied river course 4, some oxbows 5, and other low-lying patches 6. Compare this area with the same area on figure 16.6 that was taken after the dam had been reconstructed. At this early date (1949), there are no cottages beside the “lake” 7 and no recreational facilities on the southeast lakeshore 8.

Figure 16.7: Minnedosa Lake, Empty

Figure 16.7: Minnedosa Lake, Empty

Figure 16.7

Vertical air photograph: A11674-154

Flight height: 9,000 feet; lens focal length: 6 inches

Scale: 1:14,700 (approx.)

Date: September 3, 1949

Location: Township 15; Range 18WI

Map sheets: 1:250,000 62J Neepawa

                    1:125,000 62J/SW Neepawa

                    1:25,000 62J/5 Clanwilliam