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Chapter 16: Water Resources

16.66: Flooding Near St. Adolphe in 1997

St. Adolphe 1 is another community effectively protected by a ring dike 2. The photograph taken near the peak of the 1997 flood shows the extent of flooding in the area. The channel of the northward-flowing Red River is just discernable, more easily in the south 3 than in the north 4. Inside the dike there is no clear evidence of flooding. Also, several other areas 5 and individual dwellings 6 are protected by ring dikes. In some cases, though, diking has not been effective in protecting buildings 7, and farmland is completely flooded 8.

The flood played havoc with transport routes. PTH 75 9 is mostly covered, and the CN railway line just visible in the south 10 has almost completely disappeared. Similarly PR 200 runs through the village 11 and then disappears to the south 12, although trees and buildings projecting above the water 13 pick out its general route. Highway 210 passes through St. Adolphe 14, crosses the Red River 15, and then disappears 16. Along its route to the west, a racetrack is just visible 17.

The irregular white line in the south 18 is a band of snow remaining from a late snowfall in the spring of 1997.

Figure 16.66: Flooding Near St. Adolphe in 1997

Figure 16.66: Flooding Near St. Adolphe in 1997

Figure 16.66

Vertical air photograph: MB 97002-155

Flight height: 10,800 feet a.s.l.; lens focal length: 152.093 mm

Scale: 1:20,000 (approx.)

Date: May 1, 1997

Location: Township 8; Range 3E

Map sheets: 1:250,000 62H Winnipeg

                    1 :50,000 62H/11 St. Adolphe