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Chapter 16: Water Resources

16.65: Ring Dike at St. Adolphe

St. Adolphe, located on the east side of the northward-flowing Red River 1, is another community protected by a ring dike 2. North/south trending PR 200 3 runs through the western part of “town”, and east/west PR 210 4 defines the northern edge of the community and crosses the Red River in the northwest 5. PR 200 is divided as it passes through St. Adolphe and has several large buildings just east of it, one cluster in the south 6 and the other in the centre 7. In the southeast are two large buildings, probably the hockey arena 8 and curling rink 9.

The road pattern in St. Adolphe is unusual in that, although St. Adolphe is in an area where the long lot survey applied, it has not influenced the road system; nor are the roads in harmony with the DLS system. Crescents 10, bays 11, and circles can be seen 12. Note also there is no railway line.

In the northeast stubble is being burned 13 indicating a late summer/early fall photo. Wind direction at the time the photo was taken was from the south.

Figure 16.65: Ring Dike at St. Adolphe

Figure 16.65: Ring Dike at St. Adolphe

Figure 16.65

Vertical colour air photo by Prairie Agri Photo

Flight height: ; lens focal length:


Date: 2000

Location: Township 8; Range 3 E (St. Adolphe lies within the area of long lot surveys, but this is the location if the DLS system applied)

Map sheets: 1:250,000 62H Winnipeg

                    1:50,000 62H/11 St. Adolphe