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Chapter 16: Water Resources

16.61: Ring Dike at Morris

The town of Morris (population of 1,643 in 2006) is the largest community on the Red River Plain that it is subject to flooding. Located at the junction of the north-flowing Red River 1 and the Morris River 2 that drains a large area of the western part of the Red River Plain, it is particularly vulnerable to flooding. However, a dike 3 has been built completely around the town. The only gaps are where transport routes pass through; these have to be filled if flooding is imminent. The routes include the north/south PTH 75 4 between Winnipeg and the U.S. border, and the east/west PTH 23 5 which crosses the Red River east of town 6. Two railway lines are located in the west; the CN line 7 has two elevators on it west of town 8 and a group of round metal grain-storage bins in the south 9. The CP line 10 is west of the CN line.

The CBD of Morris is located along highway 75 11, (a busy transport route) particularly at the intersection with highway 23 12. It shows up as a lighter coloured area because of the presence of large buildings and the absence of trees. The town is laid out in a grid pattern harmonizing with the DLS system except a newer development in the south 13. In the southeast is a racetrack 14, the centrepiece of the Manitoba Stampede and Exhibition. Held in July, it is the only professional rodeo in Manitoba and is part of the Canadian Rodeo Tour. To the west are a large grandstand 15 and several large buildings 16 that are probably exhibition halls. Note that the sewage lagoons 17 are outside the ring dike and therefore vulnerable to flooding.

Figure 16.61: Ring Dike at Morris

Figure 16.61: Ring Dike at Morris

Figure 16.61

Vertical colour air photo by Prairie Agri Photo

Flight height:   lens focal length:

Scale: 1:10,100 (approx.)

Date: 2000

Location: townships 4 and 5; Range 1 E

Map sheets: 1:250,000 62H Winnipeg

                    1:50,000 62H/6 Morris