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Chapter 16: Water Resources

16.57: Emerson in the Summer of 2000

The photo shows the town of Emerson 1 east of the north-flowing Red River 2 and the hamlet of West Lynne 3 west of the river. The brown colour of the Red River indicates that it is heavily laden with suspended sediment. The International Border 4 is just discernable as a cutline through a wooded area. Both settlements are protected from floods by dikes 5, that which surrounds Emerson projecting south of the border 6. Sewage lagoons 7 are located north of West Lynne; these must have been inundated in the 1997 flood. Two bridges 8 cross the Red; one carries the CN railway line 9 and the other PTH 75 10. The road pattern in Emerson with north/south 11 and east/west 12 roads harmonizes with the DLS system. The centre of Emerson, with wider roads 13, is close to the protective dike 14.

Figure 16.57: Emerson in the Summer of 2000

Figure 16.57: Emerson in the Summer of 2000

Figure 16.57

Vertical colour air photograph by Prairie Agri Photo

Flight height:  lens focal length:

Scale: 1:9,900 (approx.)

Date: 2000

Location: Township 1; Range 2 E

Map sheets: 1:250,000 62H Winnipeg

                    1:50,000 62H/3 Emerson