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Chapter 16: Water Resources

16.55: Diversion Channel at St. Pierre Jolys

One strategy to cope with flooding is to divert a stream or river around the vulnerable area. At St Pierre Jolys, Joubert Creek has been re- routed south 1 and west 2 of the main built-up area. Indications of its former natural channel can be seen in the south 3.

St. Pierre is a genuine crossroads centre in eastern Manitoba, and even has a central “plaza”. Established as a Métis long lot settlement after the Riel Resistance…St. Pierre gradually developed into a village, focused around the church and a few shops.”[i] PTH 59 4 runs north/south and PR 205 5 east/west. A secondary road 6 (northwest/southeast) meets at the intersection to produce the central “plaza” 7. The two large buildings to the northeast are a hockey arena 8 and a curling rink 9. A school 10 is located north of these, and the large building on the secondary road 11 is probably a hospital. Note there is no indication of a railway line.

Figure 16.55: Diversion Channel at St. Pierre Jolys

Figure 16.55: Diversion Channel at St. Pierre Jolys

Figure 16.55

Vertical colour air photo by Prairie Agri Photo

Flight height: ; lens focal length:

Scale 1:5,300 (approx.)

Date: 2000

Location: Townships 5 and 6, Range 4 E (Note St. Pierre is located in an area surveyed into long lots; the location given is what it would be in the DLS system.)

Map sheets: 1:250,000 62H Winnipeg

                    1:50,000 62H/7 St. Malo


[i] Warkentin, J. and Ruggles, R. I. Historical Atlas of Manitoba. Winnipeg: Manitoba Historical Society. 1970, 370. A map of St. Pierré is included on page 371.