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Chapter 16: Water Resources

16.31: The Kettle Rapids Power Station and Gillam

With a capacity of 1,272,000 kw, the Kettle Rapids Power Station on the Nelson River is the second largest in Manitoba behind only the Limestone Station about 20 miles (32 km) downstream. Its capacity is increased by the diversion of water into the Nelson River from the Churchill River further north. Shown on the photo are the dam 1 across the Nelson River 2 and its expansion, Stephen’s Lake 3. Kettle River 4 and Boots Creek 5 drain to the Nelson. The town of Gillam 6 (population 1,209 in 2006) grew up essentially to build the Nelson River dams. The Hudson Bay Railway Line 7 that crosses the Nelson 8 en route to Churchill to the north connects it to the south. Also planes land at the airstrip north of town 9, and PR 280 10 links Gillam with Long Spruce and Sundance further downstream. South of the dam is a converter station 11 with power lines radiating out to the north 12, southeast 13, south 14, and southwest 15. They are identified as light-toned straight lines cutting across the natural landscape on which, even in mid-June, there are snow patches 16.

Figure 16.31: The Kettle Rapids Power Station and Gillam

Figure 16.31: The Kettle Rapids Power Station and Gillam

Figure 16.31

Vertical air photograph: A27821-78

Flight height: 25,500 feet a.s.l.; lens focal length: 152.849 mm

Scale: 1:50,000 (approx.)

Date: June 14, 1992

Location: Township 85; Range 18 and 19E

Map sheets: 1:250,000 54D Kettle Rapids

1:50,000 54D/7 Kettle Rapids