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Chapter 15: Industry/Manufacturing

15.9: Forestry Industry in The Pas

The forestry industry in Manitoba is relatively minor compared with many other provinces; in 2002 Manitoba and Saskatchewan produced only two percent of Canadian lumber and a recent map[i] of Canada’s sawmills shows that only three in existed in Manitoba in 2002. A small one near Steinbach processes mixed woods, and two larger ones in Swan River and The Pas treat softwoods.

This old photo of The Pas shows the location of a wood processing plant. The wide, light-toned, sediment-laden Saskatchewan River 1 flows from west to east, emptying eventually into Lake Winnipeg. The dark, relatively clear Pasquia River 2 joins it from the south. To the south is the shallow Halcrow Lake 3.

The CN line enters the city from the south 4, crosses the Saskatchewan River 5, and continues north to Flin Flon. In the south the line spreads into a series of sidings 6 on which railcars can be seen 7. Also visible are two grain elevators 8, the most northerly in Manitoba. Spurs run from the main line in three locations 9, the northern of which 10 runs to a wood processing plant 11. There the raw materials, the processing plant, and the finished product can be seen. The raw logs 12 in the Saskatchewan River are contained within a boom 13 that extends from the railway bridge to the processing plant. Another smaller patch of logs can be seen behind a boom further west 14. The logs have been floated in from areas upstream. A smoke plume 15 spreading north on a southerly wind indicates the processing area, and processed logs are stored in rows southwest of the plant 16.

Figure 15.9: Forestry Industry in The Pas

Figure 15.9: Forestry Industry in The Pas

Figure 15.9

Vertical air photograph: A12939-413

Flight height: 8,800 feet a.s.l.; lens focal length: 152.4 mm

Scale: 1:15,800 (approx.)

Date: September 6, 1950

Location: Township 56; Range 26 WI

Map sheets: 1:250,000 63F The Pas

 1:50,000 63F/14 The Pas


[i] Canada’s Sawmills, Atlas of Canada included with the State of Canada’s Forest 2002-2003. Ottawa: Natural Resources Canada, 2003.