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Chapter 15: Industry/Manufacturing

15.5: Industry in Eastern Brandon

Dating from 1970 Brandon’s city boundaries extend far to the east of the built up area, providing space for industry and associated developments which are not deemed desirable for residential areas.

This photo is centred further east than figure 15.4, but many of the same things can be seen: the chemical plant in the west 1, the thermal electric plant further north 2, and the CP line 3 with the Grand Valley site to the north 4. But some changes can also be seen. The square reservoir shown on figure 15.3 (#27) 5 exists here as does another further east 6. The more circular reservoir (#2 on figure 15.4)—full on figure 15.4—is empty here 7. Also the reservoir north of the power plant has been extended eastward, and the newer part is now full 8; as well, a new discharge line has been cut through the woodland to the Assiniboine 9.

Section 8, township 10, range 18WI has changed considerably. In addition to the new reservoir in the southeast corner 6, the city’s dump now occupies the northwest quarter 10. North/south 11 and east/west 12 pits have been excavated and will eventually be filled with garbage. The circular feature in the northeast corner 13 is not identified.

A complex of gravel pits occurs at the intersection of sections 8, 9, 16 and 17 14. The railway line that serves the power station continues into this area 15, and another further south 16 is now abandoned. In the north, PR 457 17 links Brandon to the west and Shilo to the east.

Figure 15.5: Industry in Eastern Brandon

Figure 15.5: Industry in Eastern Brandon

Figure 15.5

Vertical air photograph: A25529-226

Flight height: 9,200 feet a.s.l.; lens focal length: 152.034 mm

Scale: 1:16,500 (approx.)

Date: August 2, 1980

Location: Township 10, Range 18 WI

Map sheets: 1:250,000 62G Brandon

                    1:50,000 62G/13 Brandon

                    1:25,000 62G/13d Brandon