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Chapter 15: Industry/Manufacturing

15.3: Industry in Eastern Brandon

Brandon, Manitoba’s second largest city, does not house a lot of industry, but what there is concentrated in the eastern part of the city shown here.

On this photo the eastward-flowing Assiniboine River 1 is seen in the north. South of it is the Canadian Pacific Railway line 2 that spreads out into sorting yards in the west 3. A roundhouse can be seen 4, as can numerous railway cars both east 5 and west 6 of the First Street Bridge 7 that crosses both the railway line and the river. In the past the upkeep of this bridge in the City of Brandon, carrying a provincial road over the CP line and the Assiniboine, has been controversial. A spur line 8 runs southeast from the main line to an industrial area 9.

In the south is the CN line 10 that runs diagonally through section 13, township 10, range 19WI, a large part of which has been designated as an industrial park (Green Acres Industrial Park). A single line in the southeast 11 spreads out into several sidings 12 with spurs leading off to the north 13. After crossing First Street 14 as a double track, the line again spreads into an area of sidings 15. In both areas of sidings—east and west of First Street—railway cars can be seen on the lines 16. Industry in the park is designated as “light” with activities located inside large buildings 17. A haulage company—with numerous trucks visible—is located on the extreme southeast of the section 18.

The most obvious feature in the section to the east (18,10,18WI) is a large chemical plant 19, Koch Fertilizer Canada Ltd., which manufactures mainly potash fertilizer. The plant receives raw materials on a spur from the CN line 20; several cars can be seen on it 21. Within the plant round storage tanks can be seen 22 as well as several long narrow buildings 23. Two conveyor systems are seen in the south 24, and a transformer station is located in the northwest corner 25. Worker’s cars are parked on the south side of the plant 26, and to the east is a reservoir 27 which might contain waste from the plant.

Also located in 18,10,18WI are two auto wrecker’s yards; one immediately west of the chemical plant 28 and the other in the northwest corner of the section 29. Just north of the latter is a large group of electrical transformers 30. A large irregular gravel pit, exploiting the gravels of the upper Assiniboine Delta, is located in the northeast 31.

Figure 15.3: Industry in Eastern Brandon

Figure 15.3: Industry in Eastern Brandon

Figure 15.3

Vertical air photograph: A25397-109

Flight height: 9,700 feet a.s.l.; lens focal length: 152.034 mm

Scale: 1:16,700 (approx.)

Date: June 9, 1980

Location: Township 10; Ranges 18 and 19WI

Map sheets: 1:250,000 62G Brandon

                    1:50,000 62G/13 Brandon

                    1:25,000 62G/13d Brandon