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Chapter 13: Mining and Oil Extraction

13.12: Oil Storage Facility at Cromer South of Virden

Oil is not refined in Manitoba. “Instead it is transported by pipeline or truck from wells in Manitoba to the Interprovincial Pipeline pumping station at Cromer, southwest of Virden…, where it enters the pipeline for delivery to refineries in eastern Canada or the United States.”[i] The pumping station can be seen on this photo 1 with eight large storage tanks 2, three smaller ones 3 and two large ones under construction 4. A light-toned line leading eastward is the buried Interprovincial Pipeline 5. Another pipeline leads towards the pumping station from the southwest 6 and another—dark-toned—enters from the northwest 7. This last one is possibly under construction; i.e. the trough has been dug.

Other items to note on this photo are: a) Pipestone Creek 8 now very small but once larger as indicated by water-marked areas 9 on both sides of the present channel; b) the small hamlet of Cromer 10 just south of Pipestone Creek; c) the CN railway line roughly paralleling Pipestone Creek 11; d) a long abandoned railway line running northwest/southeast 12; e) gravel roads including PR 355 13 following some section lines; and f) extensive areas of pitted ground moraine 14.

Figure 13.12: Oil Storage Facility at Cromer South of Virden

Figure 13.12: Oil Storage Facility at Cromer South of Virden


Figure 13.12

Vertical air photograph: A20471-7

Flight height: 21,900 feet a.s.l.; lens focal length: 6 inches

Scale: 1:39,600

Date: June 22, 1968

Location: Townships 8 and 9; Ranges: 28W1 and 29W1

Map sheets: 1:250,000 62F Virden

                    1:50,000 62F/15 Virden




[i] Young op. cit., 1996, 247.