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Chapter 12: The Southern Cities

12.5: Detail of South Dauphin

Despite the relatively small increase in scale of this photo compared to figure 12.4 (1:12,000 compared with 1:16,000), much more detail can be observed here.

1)     On the agricultural land south of the city cropping patterns 1 and cultivation lines 2 can be seen. In one location two small white specks indicate a tractor pulling a cultivator 3; the northern part of the field—dark-toned—has been cultivated 4 whereas the south 5 has still to be done.

2)     On the CN line 6 two grain elevators 7 are identified on the basis of their shadow; many railcars 8 can be seen on sidings.

3)     Individual items of the recreation complex in the southeast corner of section 10 are more clearly identified: the racetrack 9 with small baseball diamonds 10 inside it; four other small baseball diamonds 11 and one larger one 12 with a running track beside it 13; and three large buildings, one of which is an arena 14. The buildings in the extreme southeast of section 10 15 seem unrelated to the recreational arena and did not exist when the photo in figure 12.4 was taken.

4)     There are four schools 16: one has a hockey rink beside it 17; and one in the east, probably the regional secondary school, consists of several large buildings 18 and a large parking lot 19.

5)     Of the two churches, one is on the main street 20, having the typical dome (identified by its shadow) of Ukrainian churches, whereas another on the southern edge of town 21 has a more modern structure and a large parking lot 22.

6)     The large buildings 23 with a large parking lot 24 close to Vermilion River is the hospital complex.

7)     In a typical location near the edge of “town” are two mobile home parks 25.

8)     A commercial spur projects southward along PTHs 5A and 10A and includes a shopping mall 26 with parking lot 27 and at least two motels 28.

9)     A cemetery with pathways between gravestones is located west of PTHs 5A and 10A 29.

Figure 12.5: Detail of South Dauphin

Figure 12.5: Detail of South Dauphin

Figure 12.5

Vertical air photograph: MB92001-51

Flight height:    lens focal length: 152.031 mm

Scale: 1:12,000 (approx.)

Date: June, 1992

Location: Township 25; Range 19WI

Map sheets: 1:250,000 62N Duck Mountain

                    1:50,000 62N/1 Dauphin