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Chapter 12: The Southern Cities

12.20: The Forks ca 2004

This satellite image obtained from Google Earth in 2006 shows the Forks in a more advanced stage of development than that show in Figure 12.19, but it is not completely up to date.

As on the air photo the contrast in colour (tone in figure 12.19) between the sediment-laden Red 1 and the Assiniboine 2 is very obvious, but the latter 3 does not penetrate as far into the Red as in figure 12.19. The five buildings shown on figure 12.19 still exist and are used for a variety of purposes: The Forks Market (4 and 5); the Manitoba Children’s Museum 6; a T.V. studio 7; and the Johnston Terminal 8, a general purpose building. Two new buildings are the Manitoba Theatre for Young People 9 and the Scotiabank Stage 10. Not shown is a new hotel located just north of the Johnston Terminal in an area occupied by a car park 11.

The tracks east of Union Station 12 have been replaced by a large car park 13. To the north Provencher Bridge 14, on which vehicles can be seen, has been supplemented by Esplanade Riel Pedestrian Bridge 15, named in honour of Louis Riel the leader of the 1885 Metis Rebellion. The 5-metre wide and 250-metre long ‘people path’ provides a link between the Forks and Winnipeg’s French Quarter 16. The Forks National Historic Site Amphitheatre 17 is complete, as is the Forks Historic Port 18, but the latter is almost covered by water indicating high volumes in the Assiniboine River when the image was obtained. Another change from the 1988 photo (figure 12.19) is that the zone of railway tracks east of Union Station has been roofed over 19.

Outside the Forks other features that can be identified are the double-tracked Bridge of the Old Forts—there is only one track on figure 12.19 20 leading to Main Street 21; two railway bridges, one of which is still used by trains 22 while the other is used as a foot bridge 23; Broadway 24 with the Fort Garry Hotel 25 fronting on it; and east of the river, St. Boniface Hospital 26.

Figure 12.20: The Forks ca 2004

Figure 12.20: The Forks ca 2004

Figure 12.20

Google Earth, Digital Globe Image 2006

Scale: 1:9,000 (approx.)

Location: Township 10 and 11; Range 3E

Map sheets: 1:250,000 62 H Winnipeg

                    1:50,000 62J/14 Winnipeg