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Chapter 12: The Southern Cities

12.14: Brandon From the South


The photograph—a low oblique—was taken looking north along Eighteenth Street 1 (PTH 10) with the junction of Eighteenth Street and Richmond Avenue 2 in the middle of the photo and the CN line running east/west in the background 3.

East of Eighteenth Street from foreground to background are 1) the city’s well-treed cemetery 4 and a small Jewish cemetery located west of the highway 5[i]; 2) a cluster of commercial buildings including a Canadian Tire store 6 and a garage 7; and 3) the Keystone Centre 8 with a 4000 seat arena 9 and several other buildings surrounded by a large parking area 10.

West of Eighteenth is Brandon Shoppers Mall 11 which has increased in size since figure 12.12 was taken. The parking lot has expanded southwards 12. Extending northward to the railway line is a strip of commercial establishments: stores, restaurants, garages, and motels 13. West of the Shoppers Mall are several apartment blocks 14.

Light industrial and commercial buildings 15 fringe the CN line. The CP line can just be seen in the north 16, and between the two lines are older, well-treed residential areas 17 with Brandon University campus in the centre 18.

Figure 12.14: Brandon From the South

Figure 12.14: Brandon From the South

Figure 12.14

Oblique Photo

Scale: Approximately 1:4000 foreground decreasing to rear

Date: 1987

Photograph by John Everitt

Location: Township 10, Range 19 WI

Map sheets: 1:250,000 62G Brandon

                    1:50,000 62G/13 Brandon

                    1:25,000 62G/13d Brandon


[i] Brandon has only a small number of Jewish people engaged mainly in education and business.