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Chapter 10: First Nations Settlements

10.4: Norway House

The Norway House Cree Nation (population 4,071 in 2006) is located at the northern end of Lake Winnipeg. The Jack River 1 empties into Little Playgreen Lake  2 that empties into the upper part of the Nelson River. Most of the land on the photo lies within the First Nation, but a small area in the west is outside it (the boundary is indicated by the dashed line 3). West of Jack River is Fort Island 4. PR 373 roughly follows the coast of Fort Island 5, crosses Jack River 6, and then trends northward 7. It leads on to Jenpeg on the Nelson River, where a control structure (hydroelectric power plant) is located, and joins up with PTH 6 that leads to Thompson.

As is characteristic of First Nations reserves, there is no real road pattern. Some individual dwellings are located in a bend of PR 373 8. Also numerous dwellings are located on short side streets off Walter Margaret Road 9 and Paupanekis Road 10 and the northern part of PR 373 11. 

In the north is the settlement of Rossville 12. Dwellings are located along roads that have a haphazard arrangement 13. There are also two large buildings, one of which is the Norway House Cree Nation office 14 and the other probably a school 15. Other large buildings at the end of a peninsula 16 are probably associated with the numerous jetties 17 in the area. The RCMP office is located on another peninsula 18 outside the First Nation.

Figure 10.4: Norway House

Figure 10.4: Norway House

Figure 10.4

Vertical air photograph: MB98010-163

Flight height:   lens focal length:

Scale: 1:12,000 (approx.)

Date: September 16, 1998

Location: Township 57 and 58; Range 3 WI

Map sheets: 1:250,000 63H Norway House

                    1:50,000 63H/13 Norway House