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Chapter 10: First Nations Settlements

10.3: St. Theresa Point, Northern Section

This very large-scale image was obtained after the photo in figure 10.2. Given the large scale of the photo much detail can be identified. For example individual dwellings 1 can be identified on what was an uninhabited peninsula in figure 10.2 Also the main north/south road 2 with side roads leading from it 3 can be identified; in 1992 there were approximately 6.7 km of internal roads on the point.[i] The scale is large enough that several trucks 4 can be seen on the road. Jetties are located around the coast 5; that in the west has at least four boats moored at it 6.

The large building under construction in figure 10.2 is now complete 7; the nearby hockey rink 8 suggests that it might be a school. North of this are several large buildings, one with a pointed roof 9 that may be the band office. In the centre of the photo a large building has been constructed 10 on what was wooded land in figure 10.2

Scattered throughout the photo near large buildings are cylindrical structures, some vertical 11 and some horizontal 12, with a large cluster in the southeast 13. These are probably diesel storage tanks; the large cluster has near it several large poles 14 indicated by their shadow. St. Theresa Point is not on the Manitoba Hydro grid and gets its electricity by diesel generation at the plant in the south 15. The towers, some of which can be seen along the main road 16, carry electricity lines.

The fact that shadows fall just north of west indicates that this is an early morning photo.

Figure 10.3: St. Theresa Point, Northern Section

Figure 10.3: St. Theresa Point, Northern Section

Figure 10.3

Vertical air photograph: MH 9133090402-30

Flight height: 3,300 feet a.s.l.; lens focal length: 52.028 mm

Scale: 1:5,000 (approx.)

Date: July 16, 1991

Location of the cove in the west of the photo: Latitude: 53º 50' N; Longitude: 94º 52' W

Map sheets: 1:250,000 53E Island Lake

                    1:50,000 53E/15 Island Lake


[i] Mason and Annis op. cit., 134.