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Chapter 10: First Nations Settlements

10.2: The Central Section of St. Theresa Point

This large-scale photo shows the central part of the St. Theresa Point First Nation. It was taken at an earlier date than figure 10.1, a point that is made obvious by inspection of the peninsula 1. In this photo there are only two small clearings, but on figure 10.1 several houses can be seen. The larger scale of this image enables identification of more detail than on 10.1 For example, several jetties can be identified 2, and in at least three cases, small boats can be seen beside them 3. Also two small boats can be seen offshore in the northeast 4. The main north/south road 5 with numerous side roads 6 can be identified, as can numerous rectangular dwellings 7. In the north is a cluster of larger buildings 8, one of which 9 seems to be in the process of construction. Nearer the centre of the photo are several long narrow objects on both sides of the road 10 which may be storage tanks for diesel fuel. Note specular reflection from the water surface in the southeast 11.

Figure 10.2: The Central Section of St. Theresa Point

Figure 10.2: The Central Section of St. Theresa Point

Figure 10.2

Vertical air photograph: NW82775-8

Flight height: 3,800 feet a.s.l.; lens focal length: 152.670 mm

Scale: 1:6,800 (approx.)

Date: July 2, 1975

Location of the cove in the northwest of the photo

Latitude: 53º 50' N: Longitude: 94º 52' W

Map sheets: 1:250,000 53E Island Lake

                    1:50,000 53E/15 Island Lake