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Chapter 10: First Nations Settlements

10.10: Brochet in 2006

This satellite image obtained from Google Earth in 2006 enables assessment of changes that have taken place since the photo in 10.9 was taken in 1973. The most obvious changes are:

1.     More roads can be seen in the main part of the settlement 1.

2.     Sewage lagoons 2 are now located south of the settlement.

3.     There are more roads and houses in the northern part of the settlement 3.

4.     A road runs west 4 and north 5 of the runway leading to a clearing 6 in the north.

5.     The runway has been lengthened slightly in the north 7, but the fan-shaped clearing seen on 10.9 (#13) has disappeared.

Figure 10.10: Brochet in 2006

Figure 10.10: Brochet in 2006

Figure 10.10

Google Earth 2006, Digital Globe

Scale: 1:23,000 (approx.)

Location of point X: Latitude 57º 53'N; Longitude 101º 41 'W

Map sheets as for figure 10.9